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Sacred Beats in Oakland 10/13/18

Kirtan Beats

Come, enter a world of mystery and free your spirit through song, dance, and community at Kirtan Beats. Rachel Dugas, Marlee-I Mystic, and Fountainetta Coleman will lead a 90-minute kirtan bumping with drum machines, bass, freestyle melodies, and live drumming. As we sing ancient chants alongside fresh rhythms and beats, we invite you to lose yourself and find each other in the music. We will alter our consciousness with repeated mantras; entrain our body and brain with the beats; and cultivate compassion through sound and song. A traditional "Kirtan" is a participatory concert where the division between the audience and performers dissolves through the call-and-response repetition of chants and mantras. We are modernizing the sounds, but the main goal remains the same - to become one through sound. This is a co-created experience and a safe space for spontaneous creative expression. After the Kirtan ends (around 1), we will open up the space for further connection and expression so we can keep vibing together. 11 am - 11:15 am; arrive and settle in 11:15 am - 12:45 pm; we lead the Kirtan experience; 1 pm - 2 pm, we open up to a dance party jam sesh, led by none and all! Bring an instrument (if you want), and an open heart (always)! Reserve your spot, support the cause, buy a ticket: Meet Rachel Rachel Dugas is a performance artist, sound healing practitioner, and cannabis educator. As a young girl growing up in Massachusetts, she began her musical journey through classical piano and ballet at the Boston Conservatory of Music. A love for drumming, singing, hip-hop and West African dance opened her up to the spiritual healing power of music and dance as she explored the freedom of self-expression. As a student of Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach, she holds a certification in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts from the California Institute of Integral Studies and studies Indian Dhrupad singing with Uday Bhawalkar. Alongside her work with sound and music, Rachel consults with a variety of cannabis companies, curates cannabis experiences, and writes educational content for health website HelloMD. Learn more at Meet Marlee-I Marlee-I Mystic is a San Francisco native with a strong holistic and spiritual background. She is an ordained minister, certified sound healer, meditation facilitator, wellness advisor, doula and child birth counselor. Her highest aspiration is to inspire others to practice a spiritual holistic lifestyle. Marlee-I is a devoted wife and mother of two daughters whom she instructs in homeschool. She embraces and acknowledges the ability of music to heal, transcend all borders, inspire action and elevate the consciousness of the planet. Meet Fontainetta Fountainetta has been a multi-instrumentalist and instructor of percussion throughout the Bay area for twenty years. Her deepest interest is fusing percussion, voice and movement in order to bring a fully embodied experience into artistic creation. Through embodiment she seeks to impact and expand consciousness round wellness, and bring focus to how embodiment can lead us to a truly wholistic humane existence. With her studies in Sound, Voice and Music Healing (California Institute of Integral Studies), training in various movement styles (Maureen Haley Studios in San Jose and the Malonga Casquelord Center in Oakland), the deepest intention is how our embodiment can bring us INSPIRATION, joy, engagement and community.

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