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My Story

Born into the Coltrane Church community I saw the power of John Coltrane's music to enjoin people from all walks of life to be "forces for real good." This force permeated all departments of our lives and created a spiritual holistic lifestyle that can be practiced by anyone. 


In 2009 I became ill while pregnant with my 2nd child. On my journey to wellness I discovered that the practices we followed in my early days, were the same practices that led me to a well balanced and healthy life.


Returning to the practices of my youth with a greater understanding and knowledge has brought me to this lifestyle of A Love Supreme. Now it is my passion to inspire people to realize more of their capacities for living spiritual holistic lives.


Through devoted practice of universal truths I strive to be a living example of the transformative power of the teachings of A Love Supreme. I embrace and acknowledge the ability of music to heal, transcend all borders, inspire action and elevate the consciousness of the planet.

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