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Turning a New Love Leaf

This Saturday, join a sacred morning of letting go of attachments and patterns in love that don't serve you, in a supportive circle that cultivates the love and connection you desire.

Ceremony 11am-12pm Snacks at Kawika's 12:15-1:15pm Look for our circle on a colorful blanket with an altar around a fire pit on the beach where John F. Kennedy Drive meets the Great Hwy.

This is a safe place for people who are eager to shift their habits and mindsets around their love life. Whether you are healing from a breakup, dating with more authenticity, trying non-monagamy or committing to fully loving your current partner, this supportive circle is the perfect catalyst for change.

I will cohost this event with my old friend Regina. She is a Breakup and Relationship Coach who offers this ceremony monthly. Regina will lead a guided visualization designed to help you let go of baggage that no longer serves you as well as a special leaf releasing ceremony to serve as the catalyst you need to turn a new love leaf.

I am looking forward to fostering a safe and supportive healing circle, enveloped in conscious sound using grounding vibrations to enduce a firm foundation for change. Sound is a wonderful medium for changing our frequency or patterns. Receiveing and creating different vibrations provides the means for great shifts in consciousness with minimal effort. All beliefs and emotions about love and relationships are welcome as long as they are respectufylly expressed. You are welcome to cry, burn important objects, keep your feelings to yourself, or welcome seemingly impossible love into your life.

This event is an opportunity for people of any relationship status to get a fresh start in their love life. LGBTQ, Poly and everyone else is welcome. Bundle up and be prepared to embrace the chill of the ocean air. In the event of torrential downpour, we will relocate to Kawika's Deli. $15 donation requested. No one turned away for lack of funds.

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