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#BeAbundantLove | Social Media Campaign Featuring Marlee-I Mystic

I want to personally invite you to participate in the #BeAbundantLove Social Media Campaign hosted by my dearest friend Corinn Marquis in partnership with my fellow UC Davis alum Tiffany Wright. These ladies are on a mission to empower, inspire, spread love, and be an example of women in partnership for sisterhood & women's history month.

Corinn Marquis, Fonder & CEO of Brilliant Abundance prides herself on her work in advocacy and activism for women identifying as indirect and direct survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse. Determined to serve as an effective change agent for rape culture in America and identifying as an indirect survivor herself, she understands first-hand the need for continued healing, growth, personal development, and spiritual wholeness.

Tiffany Wright is a self-love ambassador, author, speaker, and life enhancement specialist who seeks to empower and uplift women through a message of self-love. She is the founder of the brand The BE Life, which was launched in 2013 as a blog and evolved into a platform for events and workshops for teen and adult women, with an up and coming inspirational product line which will include empowering tees and journals. Tiffany's message is centered around what she calls the 5 Commandments of Self-Love, which is what her 2014 self-love devotional book, BE Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self Love. is based off of.

You know I am all about inspiring people to live spiritual holistic lives and that includes spreading as much love as possible to the global community. So join the movement now by sigining up for 4 uplifting newsletters right to your inbox. The #BeAbundantLove | Social Media Campaign Newsletter comes out this week on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 and will feature a sonic meditation by yours truly, Marlee-I Mystic.

Don't miss this opportunity to be apart of spreading the vibration of love across the world wide web. Sign up at

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