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Mystic Meals

I want to show you what it's like feeding a vegetarian family of 4 in a food desert. So forgive me if the recipes you find in #MysticMeals are different from your familiar veggie blogs. Feeding a vegetarian family of 4 in a food deserts means we use what we can get and get as creative as possible. There will be no measurements or fancy terms, just know it was enough to feed our family of 4 and that is was delicious!

I have been a vegetarian since the womb. It is my fundamental understanding of nourishment and has played a great role in my life throuhgout the years. I remember being the kid ordering burgers with no burgers when out with friends. I was the student who always had a bag lunch because vegetarian options were not popular in the 80s and 90s. You couldn't just search a recipe or order the 'meatless-chicken' option from the local take out spot. It was a hard knock life. But I am grateful to have lived through the evolution of consciousness and see so many more people, and even government agencies, encouraging plant based diets.

People now look at me like I'm part of a club instead of the wierd one out. I have more and more family and friends asking me about how to work meat out of their diet, and how to make healthier choices. I am glad to have had the experience of planning and preparing my meals since childhood, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you!

Stayed tuned for the recipe of the curry vegetables seen above. This is a go to meal in our home and everyone loves it! I'm sure you will too.

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