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Behind The Scenes: A Love Supreme Meditation

In February 1965 the jazz pioneer John William Coltrane released the landmark album A Love Supreme. In February 2014, to commerate the 50th aniversary of the recording of the A Love Supreme, I launched the A Love Supreme Meditation. This was an opportunity for Dear Listeners to have the same experience the founders of the Coltrane Church had in 1965, when they had seen John Coltrane, experienced the Sound Baptism, and began to really listen to the music, and study the words and wisdom of St. John Coltrane.

Every week for the last 2 years I have facilitated the A Love Supreme Meditation for visitors from across the globe. It is an awesome experience to share a sonic meditation with some many seekers. I incorporate my sound healing techniques as well as St. John Coltrane quotes to guide participants through all 4 parts of the A Love Supreme suite.

In the above video (which originally aired on Persicope) I briefly discuss (with the help of my daughters) the usage and benefits of tuning forks.

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