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October 2, 2018

Come, enter a world of mystery and free your spirit through song, dance, and community at Kirtan Beats. Rachel Dugas, Marlee-I Mystic, and Fountainetta Coleman will lead a 90-minute kirtan bumping with drum machines, bass, freestyle melodies, and live drumming.

As we sing ancient chants alongside fresh rhythms and beats, we invite you to lose yourself and find each other in the music. We will alter our consciousness with repeated mantras; entrain our body and brain with the beats; and cultivate compassion through sound and song.

A traditional "Kirtan" is a participatory concert where the division between the audience and performers dissolves through the call-and-response repetition of chants and mantras. We are modernizing the sounds, but the main goal remains the same - to become one through sound. This is a co-created experience and a safe space for spontaneous creative expression. After the Kirtan ends (around 1), we will open up the space for further connection and expression so...

March 24, 2016


This Saturday, join a sacred morning of letting go of attachments and patterns in love that don't serve you, in a supportive circle that cultivates the love and connection you desire.



Ceremony 11am-12pm
Snacks at Kawika's 12:15-1:15pm

Look for our circle on a colorful blanket with an altar around a fire pit on the beach where John F. Kennedy Drive meets the Great Hwy.



This is a safe place for people who are eager to shift their habits and mindsets around their love life. Whether you are healing from a breakup, dating with more authenticity, trying non-monagamy or committing to fully loving your current partner, this supportive circle is the perfect catalyst for change.  


I will cohost this event with my old friend Regina. She is a Breakup and Relationship Coach who offers this ceremony monthly. Regina will lead a guided visualization designed to help you let go of baggage that no longer serves you as well as a special leaf releasing ceremony to serve as the catalyst you need t...

March 9, 2016



I want to personally invite you to participate in the #BeAbundantLove Social Media Campaign hosted by my dearest friend Corinn Marquis in partnership with my fellow UC Davis alum Tiffany Wright. These ladies are on a mission to empower, inspire, spread love, and be an example of women in partnership for sisterhood & women's history month.


Corinn Marquis, Fonder & CEO of Brilliant Abundance prides herself on her work in advocacy and activism for women identifying as indirect and direct survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse. Determined to serve as an effective change agent for rape culture in America and identifying as an indirect survivor herself, she understands first-hand the need for continued healing, growth, personal development, and spiritual wholeness.


Tiffany Wright is a self-love ambassador, author, speaker, and life enhancement specialist who seeks to empower and uplift women through a message of self-love. She is the founder of the brand T...

February 5, 2016

In February 1965 the jazz pioneer John William Coltrane released the landmark album A Love Supreme. In February 2014, to commerate the 50th aniversary of the recording of the A Love Supreme, I launched the A Love Supreme Meditation. This was an opportunity for Dear Listeners to have the same experience the founders of the Coltrane Church had in 1965, when they had seen John Coltrane, experienced the Sound Baptism, and began to really listen to the music, and study the words and wisdom of St. John Coltrane.


Every week for the last 2 years I have facilitated the A Love Supreme Meditation for visitors from across the globe. It is an awesome experience to share a sonic meditation with some many seekers. I incorporate my sound healing techniques as well as St. John Coltrane quotes to guide participants through all 4 parts of the A Love Supreme suite. 


In the above video (which originally aired on Persicope) I briefly discuss (with the help of my daughters)  the usage and benefits of tuning...

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How Can Sound Heal?

August 1, 2016

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